Friday, October 14, 2016

More Progress at the Flip

We are doing more work in the living room now.  The insert got a good sanding for some new paint I put on later that day.  Right now I am letting it cure before I show how it turned out.

 Back in the master, I took a pic of the corner windows.
 New closet with sliding doors.
 We cleaned up the ceiling fan and put it back up.
 Under the plastic are beautiful dark stained floors.
 Back in the living room, we got busy giving the paneling a few coats of bright white paint.
 Looks so much better!  See a before here.
 Opposite the fireplace is a huge span of windows.  Still working on the drywall.
 Here is the entry way.  I started mudding it today.  The appliances have no where else to go for now.
 Now for a pic of what I have spent hours at a time working on the last two days.
Peeling off multiply layers of contact paper that has become brittle from age.  For the love of everything good in the world NEVER PUT THIS STUFF ON YOUR KITCHEN SHELVES!  You will hate yourself at some point if you do.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Flip House Cont.

We are getting closer to the finish line with the flip house!  Over the last month we have made a lot of improvements.  Here are a few pics to catch you all up with the progress.
A new front door and wall paint.  The front porch used to be a barn red that just stuck out like a sore thumb.  We painted the siding white to match the rest of the house.  The old door had weird diamond shaped molding so we put in a new one that has a cottage feel.
 Last post I showed you the leaking sewer pipes (above) that were made out of cast iron.
 We now have replaced them and the toilet "water" no longer drips into the basement.
 We discovered the well water had a lot of iron in it so we put in an in line filter.
 The dining room is done and just waiting for new flooring.  We love the pass through.

 The only original floor we could salvage was in the master.  We sanded it down to the base wood and stained it a rich mahogany.

 We are using a satin finish over the stain.  Yesterday we put on the second coat and Monday we will see how it looks after drying for a few days over the weekend.
 One of my favorite things about the house was the hall cabinet.  Of course it had a horrible wood stained finish and some of the doors were beyond repair.  My husband made new fronts for the damaged ones and we painted the whole thing white.  I polished all the brass hardware and it all looks so pretty now. 
Inside the linen closet.  All fresh and clean now.
Here is the now functioning laundry chute.  The cabinet was missing one of the drawers so we put a nice shelf in the space.  It will be a great place to put pretty hand towels.
 The second bedroom is also done except for the flooring.  Don't you love all the natural light that comes in through the corner windows!
 I was able to save the third bedroom's closet door.  I think it adds a little original charm to an otherwise plain Jane room.
One last picture,  this is a view into the backyard through the dining room's new sliding door.  We were able to find this stone patio under a layer of weeds and dirt!  We now have our lunch out there every makes for a nice break from all the dust from the remodeling.
Hope you enjoyed what we have accomplished so far in our little flip.  We are finishing up the hall, master bedroom and a few closets this next week.  We have also started working on the living room.  We are starting to feel we are getting close to the end!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Flip House Bathroom

Thought is was time to show some updates of the flip house!  Mind you there are still a few things to do in the bathroom but it is so close to being done that I had to take some pics.
 Tiny bathroom but we were able to fit in a 30 inch vanity and a tub/shower.
 We had to take the room down to the studs, replace all the plumbing, hang green board and replace the sub floor.  We kept the window, tub, and toilet because they were all new.  We upgraded all the molding.
 We tiled the tub all the way up to the ceiling.  There was a bunch of sticky gunk all over the tub that I had to remove.
 Once the gunk was removed the tub looked pretty good.
 The vanity and sink were from Lowes.  I like the simplicity of the design.  The soft grey/beige paint picks up the grey in the floor tile and vanity stain.  It is so nice to have a functioning bathroom at the job site now!
We have been working in the dining room the past few days.  Ron had to figure out some weird wiring (when you turned on the dining room light you also got the ceiling light in the third bedroom to come on........and vice versa.  We also got the sliding door in.  Most of the sub floor has been replaced through out the houseand I have started mudding the dining room and one bedroom's walls.  Framed out the pass through too!  Tomorrow a contractor is working on repairing some of the outside siding.  Everyday we are getting closer to putting this cute little house on the market and getting a little break from all this hard work.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Progress At The Flip House

What have we gotten done on the flip?
We have been very busy tearing out icky carpet, rotted floors and badly cut molding/
Above is a picture of the bathroom stripped down to the subfloors.

The third bedroom's floor was un-salvageable.  What we thought would be wood floors under the carpet were instead old tile over plywood.  It was curling up at the edges and just ugly.

And the wood floors in the living room were buckled and warped beyond repair so they had to go too.
 And just when things looked like we were done with demo......a freak wind storm broke a huge limb off our neighbor's tree and crashed it into the house, well, the edge of the roof but it was still a bummer.  Broke some of the gutters but no other damage so I guess we were pretty lucky.

THEN, after we put in the new tile in the bathroom and installed the toilet......we discovered the sewer pipes were rotted through so all the drains were dripping into the basement.  Yuck.  Add another chore to the list.....replace all the sewer pipes.  Which means we also have to take out the toilet again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We Are Going To Try Flipping...........Crazy

Hubby and I have jumped into a house flipping adventure.  We put in a offer on a HUD home and it was accepted.  Now we just have to wait for the closing and we can start tearing apart and fixing up our little flip.  SO EXCITED!  It is around 1200 square feet, three bedrooms and one bath.  Let me give you a tour of some of the problems we will be facing so you will be really impressed with the after pictures!
 Check out this old door!  It is an exterior door into the garage.
 So this is weird.  The master closet and the second bedroom closet sit side by side and have no dividing wall.  I am looking from bedroom number 2's closet right into the master closet.  Weird.  Plus check out the peeling vinyl tiles.
 At least the closet has a rod.
 So here is the story on the house.  Foreclosed on by the bank and then they hired a fly by night contractor wh did a terrible job of "fixing it up" for sale.  The Bank then couldn't sell it and finally let it go back to HUD.  We picked it up for way cheap, as is.  One of the big issues is the new drywall.  You can't tell from this picture but the seams and mud are terrible.  We have to redo all the tape and seams.
 One of the cool things about this house!  Bread Box in one of the drawers.  That definitely stays!
 Ugly old appliances.
 The cabinets are in great shape.  We will be painting them white.
 Gross ceiling stuff.
 More kitchen cabinets.
 Weird add on room.  Really small and just off the kitchen.  I have plans for this!
 Here you can see the tape peeling.  What a mess.
 Galley kitchen.  You can see the foyer and front door in the back.
 Carpet in the kitchen?????
 I am still debating these nobs.....what do you think?  Will they go with a cottage decor?
 We have a lot of window ledges and molding to replace.
 And this cute little built in needs some love.
 The molding is serious messed up.
 OK, here is one of the issues our realtor. my husband and I are having conflict about.  I want to tear this sucker out but they say it has resale value.  Yuck.  If we keep this I am not going to be the one to clean it out. 
 Part of the bathroom "remodel" of the previous contractor.
 Rotted siding.
 Broken french door.
 More rotted siding.
 Back to this door.  I seriously am keeping this when we replace it with a new one.  Love the peeling paint but the new buyers probably won't so out it goes.
 Green moss everywhere the sun don't shine.
 Wasps and birds will be losing their home.

 Super creepy carport.  Again, realtor says keep it but I would love to tear it down.
 Kitchen door.  More moss.
 Rotted floor boards in the one and only bath.  And it is really tiny.  That means I can I can buy higher end finishes since it won't take much.
Everything was winterized but we will see when we turn the water back on.  
 Another plus, wood floors under a lot of the carpet.
 Master bedroom.  They painted the wood floors in here and I love them but I think we will have to sand them down so it appeals so more buyers.
 Here is another weird thing.  When they built the addition they landlocked the third bedroom.  NO WINDOW.  But we think we have a solution to bring natural light into this room.
 Cute closet door is definitely staying.
 The house has a huge foyer.  Here are the corner windows.
One more photo to show the crappy plastering and molding.  Also notice the texturing on the walls of the kitchen.  Big blobs of popcorn on the walls.
 Another plus.  This house sits on over one acre.  It has a few fruit trees too.  The red shed in the back need some work but it is really cute.
We have some plans for the front porch too.
So the hardest part of this project will be not getting too emotionally involved and keeping costs down.  I have to remember that I won't be living here and that we are trying to make a profit.  Really hard!  I so want to put pretty things in this little house.  I can but I will have a budget so I can't go crazy.  Really really hard.