Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Every once in a while I start feeling like I need to close a chapter in my life and try a new adventure. Sometimes that has meant a move and sometimes it meant starting a new project. What ever form it takes, change is something I look forward to....even if it requires closing a door before opening a new one.

We have taken on a huge project this time, building a carriage house on 7 acres we just bought on Lake Lanier down in Georgia. We closed yesterday after a few months of looking at properties online, checking them out in person and finally finding one we could see ourselves living on. It has a dock in deep water (most important feature) and enough room to build a carriage house for vacations and later a larger home to move to full time. Over the next few months we will be meeting with builders and getting utilities to the site. So exciting! But not all our decisions were about the new project. We also decided to sell our little cabin we had built. We were no longer using it the way we had for so many years. Very few projects were left to do so we were not out there very often. If fact, most of the time we spent there was just mowing the fields. The grand kids no longer spent hours in the creek (they are teenagers now). It just wasn't suiting our needs anymore. So on the market it went and withing about one week we had an offer. Day before yesterday we closed it up and said our goodbyes. The furniture has been put in storage as we wait for the new vacation home to be completed. Much of the decor went to Goodwill since it was too rustic for the new cottage. Wood furniture will be given a fresh coat of white paint, or maybe a few pieces will be painted black. But most of the decorating choices won't be made for months......there are other things that we need to do first....repair the old dock, pick out sites for the carriage house and the future site for the main house, and drool over all the modern farmhouse plans on the Internet. Here are a few I am in love with.
Which one would you choose?