Sunday, April 22, 2018

More on Carriage House on the Lake

Imagine waking up to this view in the morning!  Once the carriage house is complete, this will be the views from one of our bedroom windows.
 Below is the dining area's view.
 Cindy took these pictures so we can see all the progress.  This is the back of the carriage house.  The window on the second floor is the one in the dining nook.
 We hadn't seen any of the interior of the first floor garage area so she took a number of them for us.  In this one you can see the stairs and the utility closets.
 There are three car bays and here you can see the massive overhead beams so we didn't have to have any support posts.
 There are four garage doors, three in the front and one on the side.
 Opposite side, where the front entry to the stairway is located.
 This is the back of the carriage house.  On the second story you can see the bathroom window and the dining nook window.  The dormers also house the master walk-in closet and the laundry closet.
Outside this garage door we will have a small patio.  It overlooks the woods and is quite private so we will probably use it for outdoor living.  Later this will be a great area to wash off the mover or access the back of the garage. But until the larger farmhouse is built (and we are ready to move to Georgia permanently) this carriage house will be our little get away home.  And really, what more do we need?  A place to sleep and boat and fish from our own dock.  A small kitchen to cook in and a place to wash clothes.....and take a shower.  And don't forget a sweet little cottage to decorate and display Rae Dunn pottery.  Yep.  this will work just fine. 
This has all been so exciting and so far not that difficult.  Not being there to watch the progress is frustrating but our builder has really been great so far about checking in with us with any problems.  As it gets closer to being finished we will probably get down there more often!  Not to check up on them but because it will be too hard not to see all the progress!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Progress on the Carriage House

So much progress has been done on the carriage house!  We wish we were there to see it first hand but at least the builder has been great about sending us pictures.
Here is the carriage house!
 This picture is looking into the tiny kitchen and pantry.  You can also see the stair opening with it's big window.  The half wall will be the back of the sink and dishwasher counter.  On the opposite wall will be the stove and fridge area.  The door on the left wall goes into the pantry.  
 This view is into the gathering or great room.  The doors to the left go into our bedroom and the bathroom.
 Part of the gathering room includes a dining nook with a huge window.  You can also see the back of the shower enclosure on the right
 This picture is in the bedroom with the opening for the pocket door to the bathroom framed.  To the right of that is the walk in closet.  You can see the shower unit in the bathroom.
 Another view of the gathering room.  There are dormers in every room so that is what you are seeing on the right side of the room.  The builder is putting in small doors to access the areas under the roof between the dormers.  This little house is going to have a ton of storage!  The ceilings are 9 feet tall which will make the small spaces feel larger (I hope!)
 Wow!  This is so fun to see our plans starting to come together.
 The road we are building on has no outlet so only the 6 or 7 houses past our place use it.  It is a big change from the busier road we live on in Ohio.
 This site is in a pretty secluded part of the property.  It can be seen from the road but is surrounded by trees.  I love it!
Hope you all enjoyed seeing the progress of our little vacation home.  We are dying to get down there and see it in person!  We might have to make another trip soon.  The Lake is calling us.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Carriage House

We spent a week down in Georgia checking out the progress of our carriage house and making some design decisions.  We returned to Ohio on Thursday and our builder sent us these photos of what they had gotten done back in Georgia.
 The first floor has walls up!
 You can see the three car stalls and the entry to the living quarters that will be on the second floor.
Can't wait to see what they get done next week!
If you want to you can follow the progress on my Instagram account HERE.