Sunday, July 28, 2013

1963 Yellowstone 13 Foot Trailer Is Home!

Last week I posted the news that we had finally found our own canned ham.  It took some doing but we brought here home Friday.  She is nestled at the edge of the woods and looks so sweet!
 We have some work to do to get her road tires and the lights need fixing.
 I took some pics of the interior....we will be making some changes, new curtains, cushions and such......but she is in such good shape we won't have to do much.  Let me take you on a tour.  In the pic above you'll see the dinette area.  The table folds down to become a double bed.  See the ladder?  That unhooks and provides access to the upper bunk, or "crow's nest".  The seats on the benches lift up and there is lots of storage space under them.
Here is the kitchen.  Compact, yes, but oh so cute.
 Another shot of the kitchen.  Below the stove is an icebox.
 At the rear is a sofa, which also becomes a double bed.  This tiny trailer can sleep 6!  You can also see the expandable counter top near the sink.  Gives us an extra 2 feet of counter space when up.  Or it can fold down and out of the way.
The world's smallest closet.
 Original light.
Gas light. 
 Inside the icebox.
Can you guess what this is?  I will tell you all later......
 Here is the view out the front door.  The trailer's nearest neighbors are our chickens!  That's their coup.
It was so fun to investigate all the nooks and crannies.  Here is more storage space under the couch.  Adorable.
Stay tuned for the glamping to begin on our tiny trailer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Tiny Trailer

Yes, it finally happened!  I found my own tiny trailer!  Well, actually, I am sharing her with my family, but it still is a dream come true!
I don't have a picture of her but the above photo could be of her twin. I couldn't take any pictures because we were having a horrendous rain storm when we went to check her out.  She is a 1963 Yellowstone with cab over.  I think she is only 13 feet.  Believe it or not, she sleeps six!  The wonderful couple (Rita and Russ) we bought her from were only her second owners and inherited her from Rita's mom.  Hard as it was for Rita to part with her (wonderful memories of summers spent with family) we feel so lucky to be her new owners!  She is beautiful and is totally original.  She needs a little work, but not much, just some new tires and a towing plug.  The interior is adorable.  The original icebox (love it!), stove and paneling are in perfect vintage condition.  No leaks!  Ever!  And she is turquoise!  Have I gushed enough?  Can't wait for the rain to stop so we can bring her home. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sneak Peek Of Disappearing Four Patch

Haven't posted in a while cuz I have been working on a new quilt and it is taking a while.  I thought I would give you a quick peek......
 You will notice all the seams that have to line up.......  Please notice, it will make me happy if you notice!  A gasp of astonishment would also be appropriate.....  those small squares are only 3/4 inches!
Won't be done anytime soon because we have a boat load of company coming for the whole month of August and I have a science project growing in my fridge that needs to go.  And let's not even talk about the condition of my sewing/guest room.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Quilt Made It To China!

Poor little guy, it has to be in the high 90's in China right now!  But his mother wanted me to see him "enjoying" his new quilt.
Well, I am glad that the quilt I made found it's way to it's new little owner.  To see the quilt go here.  My husband's coworker sent us this picture as a thank you for the quilt.  It is hard to believe something I made is being loved half way around the world! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Creamed Honey Recipe

Sometimes called whipped honey, this delicious spread isn't whipped at all and contains no cream either!  Go figure.  It is pure honey that has been forced to crystallize in a very specific way.  If you have ever eaten honey that has crystallized you will remember the gritty unpleasant texture that it develops.  Creamed or whipped honey consists of tiny smooth crystals and has a smooth, creamy texture that is easy to spread on toast or muffins.  It doesn't drip as quickly as liquid honey so kids love it.  If you introduce a seed or starter of these small smooth crystals to your honey before it begins to form the large rough ones, you can give the honey a blueprint to follow.  Sort of like how you make yogurt or sourdough, just with sugar crystals instead or bacteria or yeast.
 This is what you need to make your own.  First you need some seed creamed honey, raw honey and a little math skills (very little).
 I got my seed cream honey at Krogers.  Once you make it the first time, you can use your own cream honey as seed for your next batch. For 5 cups of finished product I needed 1/2 cup of the cream honey.  This tub had enough to have made 15 cups but I didn't need that much!  Your ratio of creamed honey seed to finished product is 10 percent.  Now set your 1/2 cup of seed honey aside to add later.
 Heat about 5 cups of raw honey to 150 degrees.  This will pasteurize the honey, removing the yeast that could later cause your honey to ferment.  Not good.  Once honey reaches 150, pour it through fine mesh to remove any impurities that could affect the finished product.  Allow to begin to cool.  You might have foam develop on the surface of the honey.  Don't fret, it is just air bubbles rising that are unable to break the surface tension.  If this happens, use a sheet of plastic wrap to remove it.  Lay the plastic wrap on the surface of the honey, allow to set for a few moments and then carefully lift the plastic, taking the foam with it.  You might have to repeat, depending on how much foam you have develop.  Allow honey to drop to 75 degrees and then add the seed honey.  Stir well and then pour into containers.
Now you just have to put your honey in a cool place, about 57 degrees, for at least one week.  I am putting it in my basement food storage area.  If the temp isn't cool enough, it will just take longer to crystallize.  How will you know it is ready?  It will have a light creamy color and texture, with no liquid honey in sight.  If you see any liquid honey, just stick it back on the shelf for a bit longer.  Hope this helps all you honey lovers have another way to enjoy your bee's bounty!  Diana

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Finally completed Watermelon Quilt

My daughter's computer is down so I will try and do this post for her.  I won't do it justice but here goes. 
Jenn has been working on this quilt for ages.  Not the piecing. no, that went pretty quick.  The reason this quilt was so long in completing is because she hand quilted it, as in needle in hand, each stitch individually placed, hand quilted.  I bow to her talent. 
 It is meant to be a picnic blanket, large enough for four, but would you put this beauty on the ground?  I think not.....  Maybe in a glass case, to be admired , but never ever on the ground.