Thursday, October 3, 2019

Over The Moon Quilt

I have been working on this quilt for a while and am so glad to get it done.  It is larger than I usually make lap or baby quilts so I had to have it quilted on a long arm at my local quilt shop.  The pattern is cute and I used mostly 30's and 40's fabrics.
Image previewImage preview

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Cookies For The Party!!!

Our granddaughters are having a party at their lake house this weekend and I wanted to do a little baking.  I don't know how many dozens I made, let's just say it was a lot.   
Starting from the top.  Triple chocolate fudge cookies, Giant chocolate chip cookies, Soft molasses cookies, and Chewy cherry, double chocolate and pecan cookies.

 Since we are at our vacation home I had to improvise on my containers. 
Stole a few for the neighbors.  Again, no cute packaging so I am a little bummed but I hope the cookies themselves make up for it.
I am tired now and have a little bit of sugar overload.  Think I will be eating salads for a few days.
And napping.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dark and Moody

Today I finished a lovely lap quilt.  I started this one a number of months ago but had to put it aside while my mother was ill.  She passed about 4 weeks ago from Alzheimer.  It was a very difficult time for our family.  I finally felt like picking it back up again a few days ago and it really helped me feel creative again.  
 The fabric is kind of dark and moody but also very pretty.  I machine quilted it in an undulating wave pattern on my home machine.  
The floral, solid and text patterned fabric feels a little modern to me as does the color pallet. I am really loving the overall grey tone.
It is on the large size for a baby blanket.  More like a lap quilt.  So I am not really sure who I will gift it to yet......

Monday, May 20, 2019

Payday Candy Bar Copycat

I have been looking for a copycat recipe for Payday candy bars forever.  I have tried a few and had some pretty awful results.  Think big pan of runny stuff that never hardened into anything you could cut into bars.  But I have finally found one that turned out beautifully.  Jennifer from Bake or Break has a great recipe that I am gobbling up as we speak.  
Plently of nuts and a sweet salty nugget center that holds it shape pretty well.  So yummy.

Modern Farmhouse Guest Bath

Last month we decided to change things up a bit by updating our upstairs guest bath.  Out went the pale pink paint and way too short pedestal sink and in went a soft gray paint and simple taller pedestal sink.
 We also replaced the vanity light and mirror.  My husband built the solid wood linen closet door.
He also built a floating shelf above the toilet.
I made the sign for the shelf.  A little unexpected humor is always welcomed.

Updated Fireplace

This past weekend my husband updated the ugly green tile surround on our fireplace to a pleasing grey stacked marble stone with a raised hearth.  I have hated that green tile for 15 years.
 It took two days and some real problem solving to accomplish but I love the results.

 We used a marble look tile on the hearth.
In case you were doubting how ugly the old tile was, take a look at the before.  Why did people ever like this color?  

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fancy Farm Gal Hat

I saved a bundle today!  I saw a similar hat like the one below at a boutique for $48.00!  Loved it so much I almost bought it.  Then cooler head prevailed. I instead spent $10.00 at my local craft store and got the cutest little hat ever.
Want to make your own?  Get a solid color baseball hat, the flimsier the better.  Take a nail file and rough up the brim.  If you get too carried away you can always hot glue the bits back together.  I used flowers from the bridal section of the craft store and hot glued them on.  So easy, and takes just minutes.  I think I will try a denim one next.  Diana