Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Quilt and Table Runner

I made these Halloween quilted decorations for my son way back in July!  Talk about planning ahead.  He has three little boys and I thought they would enjoy the bright orange and black color combo.  Plus the fabric has monsters all over it.....they will love that.

I made a table runner and wall quilt.  The runner came first and the quilt was made from the left over charms and fabric! 
So easy to put together.  I even sewed the binding on by machine instead of by hand (gasp).
 Shadow quilted around the machine appliqued "boo".  The quilt and table runner were machine quilted.
 The table runner has three large blocks.  They are all the same block design but I used different fabric placement for a scrappy look.

 Look how different each block looks. 
I didn't have a long enough piece for the back so I pieced it by using  a few charms to stretch it!  I think the back now looks good enough to display too.  I find this set strangely cheerful and just scary enough for the little boys. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hubs And Doilies

Just a few more pictures on our progress with the 1963 Yellowstone camper.  Below are the new half moon hubcaps.  Don't they look sweet? 
 Next is the pillow I put together using an old doily and some leftover fabric.  I thought the pink and aqua combo was perfect for the camper. 
My husband has been working hard on the lights so that she will be ready for her maiden voyage this Saturday.  We also got her registered so we are legal! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chalkboard Tags

These were so easy and I think they would be great on a gift or attached to just about anything (jar of notions?).
Start with thin wood tags from the craft store.  My came in a package of 8.  Spray paint with chalkboard paint on both sides.  Let dry.  Using a white gel pen (made to show up on dark backgrounds) draw simple designs.  Use a heat gun to immediately see the design cure.  Don't hold the heat gun on it too long or it will turn the white to a silver.  Wait until the designs are set and won't smear, then prime the tags with chalk.  Wipe off and you are good to go!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Honey Bee Pitcher

Some more etching---this time an old (as in just plain old not vintage) pitcher that I picked up years ago and never really used.
 I love honey it was a no brainer to put one on the side.  Etching is one of the easiest crafts to personalize glass.
Now this pitcher is sooo much cuter. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aqua and Red Kitchen Towels

My favorite color combination!
 I made these towel to match the color scheme of our vintage trailer, but I don't know if they will end up in there.......I may put them on my etsy shop......

Just love these!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

From Ugly To Fancy

How often have you seen one of these ugly vanity trays at garage sales and turned your nose up at it?  Me too!!!
Then I thought there must be something of value left in these old gals....
I found one that was really bad, the mirror was scratched and tarnished, the metal starting to rust at the corners, in other words, perfect!
 First I took it apart and replaced the back with a new piece of cardboard (covered in a pretty pink chevron fabric).  Then I painted the frame a bright pink.
 Since the mirror was so bad I thought I would etch an image on it.....a sweet bird!  What was once a piece destined for the dumpster is now ready for a second life.  I think this is now so pretty and cool!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Aqua Shelf For The Vintage Trailer

Someday I will have to remember to take before shots!  So here is the after instead.  Pretty, don't you think.
Oh well, I found a similar shelf (below), in finish and style, on the web so you could see what I started with.  Don't get me wrong, country has it's place but I am just not feeling it......Instead I love cottage style so the spray paint had to come out and play!  
Check back to see it in place in our camper.....

Mini Clipboards

Were yesterday's clipboards a little too large for your needs?  You can find much smaller ones that look just as cute when you embellish them!
 I love how pretty they are! 
 Vintage sewing notions....
 Pretty little girls who have sewn their own dresses.....
 French postcards and a stylish little partisan......
Another kitchen clipboard with a vintage feel.
These boards have been sealed and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth so they will last for years! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yipee, More Trailer Interior Pictures

Let me take you on a tour.  As you come into our sweet little A-Frayed-Knot, look to the right, that is the dining area.  The new pillows make the benches look very inviting.
 Vintage table cloth and dishes (and camera lens cover) set just the right mood.
Turn left and walk past the kitchen and you come to the master bedroom.  The new trailer pillow and trailer picture leave you with little doubt of what kind of abode this is.  An antique quilt and fresh white linens look so inviting.
 At the foot of the bed is the new shelf providing loads of storage.
 Another view of the bedroom.  On the right is the huge one and a half square foot closet and on the left is the appliance filled kitchen.
As we get near the front door, one last look at the table scape.  The cardinals on the salt and pepper shakers pay homage to our home state of Ohio.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Mascot For The Vintage Trailer!

Have you ever made something that just didn't want to go together smoothly?  So, that was this project.  First the gold frame was given new life with pretty aqua paint.  All went well until I started the embroidery.  So many problems.  I wanted it to work so bad I just kept handling each issue until finally it was done!  Yeah!  I took pictures and started my post....and then I noticed something.....hmmm.....are there two T's in knot?
Drat!  I can't believe I didn't catch that.  After all that trouble (embroidery download issues, breaking thread, puckering, running out of bobbin thread........) I still had a blaring error.  Maybe no one will notice.  Drat!  So I took it out of the frame (no easy task as I had stapled it together), spent some time and all my patience ripping out the extra T, cleaned every stray thread, put it back in the frame, stapled it close and took more pics.
 So here it is again.....with only one T.  And I love it.....again. 
Soon it will hang over the bed in the camper the A-Frayed-Knot. 
Which is a good thing cuz I think I need a nap.

New Pillows for Vintage Trailer

Haven't had time to take these up to the trailer yet but here is a sneak peak of what is to come!
 No turned edges, just sew 1/4 inch from raw edge and let it fray away.
If you want the applique pattern for these let me know......

Still Trying To Make My World Prettier....Clipboards!

Seriously, these clipboard make me giggle!  They are another project that starts with something utilitarian and glams it up.....
 Just pick a theme and go with it!
 A handwritten recipe, vintage pink stove and a few glamorous housewives, just right for holding important papers in the kitchen....or office!
 Vintage sewing notions or Hollywood icons.  You decide which best fits your style.
I love Lucy.......especially when she is in paper doll form.  And the chocolates will make any Lucy fan smile.  After seeing these can you settle for a plain brown clipboard?  You know you really shouldn't!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I needed some clothespin to put up a bunting (will show the bunting later this week!) in the vintage trailer.  After putting so much time and effort into the bunting I COULDN'T use boring plain clothespins!
 And since I was making some for me, it only took a few more minutes to make a few more.  And since I was dressing the clothespins up they certainly couldn't be pinned onto plain white  cardstock!
These will be going with me to the craft fair next week! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All Ready For Bed In My Vintage Trailer!

Now I have a place to lay my head if I need a little nap away from it all.  The couch makes a comfy bed at one end of the camper.
 I used a vintage quilt to cover the bed.  It still needs more pillows but those will come........
This will have to do for now, until after the next few weeks that will be so busy..  Then we will tackle more pillows and maybe even some bigger jobs.

Who Says Essentials Can't Be Pretty

It seems I have reached a "certain age" where I have to make myself notes to remember anything!  But that doesn't mean those notes have to be plain looking.  Here are a few post-it-note holders that won't embarrass you if you leave them out on the counter......
 A dreamy fairy......
 A naturalist......
 Paris and pearls, how elegant......
 Country chic......
They all hide a tablet of notes to help the lady of the house keep things in order!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Baking Day Towels

Wash day, shopping day, cleaning day......none of them are nearly as fun as baking day.  And how better to enjoy time in the kitchen than having cute little vintage looking dish towels that are this cheery!
 Chicks and bluebirds in simple line embroidery roll out the dough and then dig into the pie!
 So domestic!
Some one couldn't wait to be served a slice!
I bought these designs at Julia's Needle Designs here and here.