Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dakota Bread

While visiting my sister in law Milly this last month, she introduce me to Dakota bread.  My favorite bread ever!  We got it at Great American Harvest.  After I got home I located one one hour away from my home and rushed over, only to find they were out of Dakota bread.  Bummer.  So then I became obsessed with getting that bread.  Thank goodness I found a recipe that makes a pretty good facsimile of that bread.  I have made two batches so far and thought it isn't as good, it still satisfies my cravings.
I found the recipe here.
The second time I made it I used loaf pans.  Didn't like that shape as much.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Raspberry Truffles

I wanted to try out my new tempering machine and make some raspberry truffles.  These truffles were very flavorful because they use real raspberry puree instead of artificial flavoring.  So yummy. 
There is no cream in the recipe either.  I got it from  Couldn't Be Parve but I adapted it to a bit.
 Here is my tempering machine!  I selected the dark chocolate setting and melted about 1 pound of untempered chocolate.  More than enough for covering the truffle centers.  I only needed tempered chocolate for dipping, not for the centers themselves.  Those I could use untempered chocolate in. 
 On the left you can see the unmelted chocolate and on the right of the baffle you can see the melted chocolate.
 It can take a bit of time to melt the chocolate so while it did it's job I made the centers.
 First I made the puree, heated it and added it to the chocolate.  Using a small ice cream scoop I shaped the centers. (adapted recipe is at the bottom of this post)
Once they chilled a bit I formed them into spheres.
 Back to the tempering.  After the machine melted the chocolate I added the seed chocolate.  In this photo the clear lid is on.
 Here is a photo with the lid off.  Use large pieces of seed chocolate so it will be easier to remove any unmelted pieces after the tempering cycle is completed.  Once that beep sounds you remove any of the seed chocolate chunks.  Now all your chocolate is tempered and ready to use.  It will have a beautiful shine, snap and will harden quickly.
 Scooping a few tablespoons of tempered chocolate into the palm of my plastic gloved hand,  I rolled the truffle centers until fully covered.  I let them solid up on wax paper.  Once set I smeared a little melted chocolate on the top of each one and sprinkled jimmies on top.
 Because the chocolate was tempered and kept in temper, I was able to save the leftover for seed chocolate for my next batch!
 Next time I think I will double dip the chocolates.....some of my truffles had weeping issues.  But they were delicious.  The first day the centers were a little grainy but the second day they were much creamier.

Raspberry truffles

6.5 oz chocolate
1/2 cup raspberry puree (see below for recipe)
1 oz (2 tbs) vegetable oil
Mix raspberry puree with vegetable oil.  Heat it microwave until almost boiling.  Pour over chopped chocolate and stir until chocolate is melted.  Mixture will begin to thicken.  Chill until firm enough to scoop.

Raspberry puree
12 oz raspberries, fresh or frozen (defrosted if frozen)
Blend raspberries in a food processor or blender until pureed. Strain through a fine mesh sieve, using a spoon to press as much of the puree through as possible. Discard solids.  This will make more than you will need in this recipe.  Store any extra in the freezer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pretty Sea Foam Green Quilt

I love the color combo on this quilt!  Made from a charm pack and solid moda yardage, it was fun to put together.
 But more importantly, the recipient of this sweet quilt is battling cancer.  She is going through her final rounds of chemo and we are optimistic that they will get it all.

I hope the bright cheerful colors and love sewn in will brighten her time recovering.