Friday, January 29, 2016

Painting Done!

The master bathroom is now a lovely shade of  sea glass blue.  LOVE IT!!!
 We also got the floor prepped with self leveling cement.  Now we are ready for cement board and......wait for it.......tile!
Tomorrow we will see how far we get.......

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Embroidery Buddies!

I just finished machine embroidering some sweet little blankets for two of my nursery children at church.  They are turning three next week and I thought a personalized snuggle blanket would be just the right gift from their teacher.
 I got the blankets from Country Club Embroidery Blanks face book shop.  They are very reasonably priced and they ship quickly.  The quality is very good too!  And if you purchase from her there are free embroidery designs to match the stuff toys.
 The lamb is for a little girl and the puppy for a boy.
The designs stitch up nicely too.
I have already ordered more buddies for upcoming birthdays!  Don't want to run out and disappoint one of my little ones.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Almost Ready To Tile

We are finally seeing a end to all this remodeling.  The walls have a coat of primer on them and the shower is ready to tile.
 The toilet room is also ready for the floor to go down.
 Here is the main room where the tub and vanity will go.  The vanity arrived today.  460 pounds that had to be unloaded from the back of the pickup.
 I thought it would be fun to show you the tub we ordered and have waiting to be installed.  Six feet long and super deep!
 And below is the vanity we just got.  I love it.  It is so well made and has a beautiful finish.  Don't know how we are going to hang that mirror yet.........guess I need to do a little Internet research.
Tomorrow we are picking out the floor tile!  Once the floor is down we can move in some of the fixtures.  Yippee!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Demo Done In Master Bath

Finishing up week 3 of the master bathroom remodel.  The Onyx shower pan is in.  It is a massive 4 foot by 4 foot and weighs a ton.  So much fun dragging that thing in.  Today we got in some of the green board in the shower surround.
 and more drywall work done.
 All the wiring is done and some of the pipes have been moved.  Below you can see the Redi Tile shower niches.  I am so excited to have storage in the shower that doesn't include a nasty wire shelf hanging from the shower head!
 Below is the new shower light and fan.  Super quiet.
 We scraped off the fake stained glass film off the window which gave us our view back.
 Keeping it real, I thought I'd show you all the stuff we have to move to do each new job!  The drywall has been plastered for the most part and sanded.  Well at least half of it has been done anyway.  This area will be where the new vanity is going.  By the way, the floor isn't really white, that is all the drywall dust!
 Last picture is of the new doorway into the bathroom.  I am still working on that plaster.  Side note......never try to pull out a nail you bent without first making sure you have a good grip on it.  Claw hammer slipped and gouged a lovely cut above my eye.  Picture this.  Me running out of the room with my hand over my eye, blood dripping, saying "Oh crap" over and over.  My husband who was doing plumbing in the basement came running to me and that was what he saw.  Must have looked a little scary, until the blood was cleaned off it wasn't really much after all.  But I did have bit of a headache for the next day or two.  Getting hit in the head with a hammer will do that.
Maybe I will show you some of the goodies we have waiting to go in on the next post......
Diana or "Scarface"

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's Going To Get Better.....Right?

Day 5 of the remodel.  The closet is painted and waiting to dry so I can put up the rods again.
The door ways have been moved.  The old ones are closed off, dry walled and have 2 layers of mud on them.
 We have most of the tile up and found a little water damage by the shower.  Great.  The sink is out.
 The sliding door is gone.  We will build a new toilet room once we get the shower out.
 Where the ladder stands will be the new 4 foot by 4 foot shower.
 the new sink will go on this wall.
This is the side of the old shower.  Once it is gone we will have more room for the new sink.

Above is the new floor plan and below is the old layout.
More pictures as we get further into the process!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Out With The Old......Bathroom

Oh happy day.  We have finally started our master bathroom remodel!  Here are some before pics.....
 Wow, it looks a little better in pictures than it does in person....which isn't saying too much.
The tub was functional but ugly.  and it had these weird ledges on each end.  The stain glass isn't real, just some overlays for privacy.
 Super ugly hunter green tile......and a long hallway like floor plan.
 One piece tiny shower with brass hardware.  After 20 years the finish is worn and difficult to clean.  And the brass?  So awful.
The shower and toilet share a tiny room.
Sliding doors were everywhere.  Into the toilet room and into the closet.  Hate them.  They're out of here.
We have already torn out some walls and moved doorways to free up space for a much larger shower and better floor plan.
 Here is the old doorway into the bath and closet.  We are closing both because that is where the shower is going.
Here is the new doorway into the closet.  Now we will access the closet from the bedroom instead of from the bathroom.  I am working on the plaster inside the closet today and will paint and reinstall the clothes rods tomorrow.  My husband is working on wiring and the new doorways today.  Then more demo!  More pictures soon!