Saturday, October 29, 2016

Flip House Living Room Update

We have been working in the living room of the flip house.  Yesterday we got the last of the molding finished.
 We finished off the build in cabinet.
It looks so much better than before....
Close up of the fancy molding we used in the living room/ entry way.

 We were so pleased with the big picture window.....
In case you forgot what the living room looked like before.
 We are even making sure the closets look as pretty as possible.  This one is in the entry way and is really deep.  If you look close you will see that there is a double rod for hanging coats.
 The front door and corner windows in the entry.
This is what it started out looking like.  Old molding mixed with cheap new molding was a real mess. 
We are waiting for the carpet to be installed and then we will put in the floor molding.  Then the living room, 2nd and 3rd bedrooms and hall will be finished.  (The bathroom and master are already completely done, except for a good cleaning!)  Next we start in the kitchen.  Excited but a little nervous that we can make it as pretty as the rest of the house.  We plan on painting the cabinets white. putting in new counter tops, new laminate floors, (in the dining room and entry too) new sink and of course new wall finish and paint.  Will continue to update the flip until we finally list it for sale.  It is getting close now..........

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Danish Modern Chair Makeover

I recently got these Gunlocke office chairs at an auction for $5.   I couldn't believe they went for so cheap!  Fast forward a few months and I finally got around to redoing them.
 Even thought the vinyl fabric was in pretty good shape I couldn't leave them in that ugly color......
 forgive the blurry photo.......but here is the chair reupholstered in a grey herringbone fabric.
This picture is a little better.  I cleaned up the wood and spent the better part of last Saturday tearing off the old fabric and putting on the new.  We are going to use these chairs in our flip for staging and then our younger daughter is getting them.  That is if I can let them go!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More on the Flip House

Last post I said I would show you the fireplace after it's makeover.......well here it is!
 I painted the metal with a high heat paint in a matte finish.  The knobs were polished and the vents at both sides were cleaned and reattached.  Then I scrubbed the clay tiles til all the years of grime were gone!  Looks so much better.
 We then cleaned up the old sconces which I loved.
 We took off the chalky red shutters and painted the new front door and garage door a battle ship gray.  I didn't realize the gray I chose would look this "industrial" when I bought it but it is growing on me.......
 We were going to replace the iron work post but now we kind of like it so it stays.
 the old garage door.  Notice how the paint on it matches the meter box on the right.......totally not what I was going for!
 Speaking of grey, here is the finished master.  The floors are original.....well, not the stain and finish, that's new.  Aren't the windows cool?
 We finally got the built in doors to fit!  That wood is super hard.  We broke a lot of screws getting the hinges attached.  But now it is sturdy and once we get the molding and glass shelves on, it will be so pretty.
 Ignore the floor, the carpet is is the hall.  That was a lot of molding to install.  Six doorways and a linen closet!
 Here is another view of the fireplace wall.
 And another.
 And the entry way with a fridge in the middle of it.
 New ceiling fan in the living room.
 Entry way light.  Kind of boring but the budget won out over style this time.  Plus it matches the new fan.
 Love this fireplace!
 In between coats of paint I have been putting together furniture for staging.  Here is the cute little dining set and the couch......both from wayfair.
 It is hard to see but the wall behind the sawhorse just got a coat of the gray paint we are using through out the house.  We painted the fireplace wall and all the molding white.  I love how crisp and clean this color combo is.
Same paint on the huge picture window (sans molding) wall.  I haven't cut in the edges or corners yet.....I am hoping my husband will do it, he is much steadier with that paint brush!
Well that is pretty much where our flip is at the moment.  Ron installed a new breaker box in the basement to replace the old fuse boxes today while I painted.  We will install really nice molding the living room in the next few days........and then put in new plugs, switches and covers.  The molding is much fancier than what we used in the rest of the house but it is the first room you see when you walk in so I think the extra money is worth it.  A lot of extra money!  
And in case you have forgotten what this bright pretty house used to look like.......
Here is a shot of the kitchen as it looks right now!  Dark, grimy and just plain ugly.
Give us another week or three, a few gallons of paint, new flooring, counter tops and stainless steel appliances, and you will see a totally different kitchen.  I promise.....

Friday, October 14, 2016

More Progress at the Flip

We are doing more work in the living room now.  The insert got a good sanding for some new paint I put on later that day.  Right now I am letting it cure before I show how it turned out.

 Back in the master, I took a pic of the corner windows.
 New closet with sliding doors.
 We cleaned up the ceiling fan and put it back up.
 Under the plastic are beautiful dark stained floors.
 Back in the living room, we got busy giving the paneling a few coats of bright white paint.
 Looks so much better!  See a before here.
 Opposite the fireplace is a huge span of windows.  Still working on the drywall.
 Here is the entry way.  I started mudding it today.  The appliances have no where else to go for now.
 Now for a pic of what I have spent hours at a time working on the last two days.
Peeling off multiply layers of contact paper that has become brittle from age.  For the love of everything good in the world NEVER PUT THIS STUFF ON YOUR KITCHEN SHELVES!  You will hate yourself at some point if you do.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Flip House Cont.

We are getting closer to the finish line with the flip house!  Over the last month we have made a lot of improvements.  Here are a few pics to catch you all up with the progress.
A new front door and wall paint.  The front porch used to be a barn red that just stuck out like a sore thumb.  We painted the siding white to match the rest of the house.  The old door had weird diamond shaped molding so we put in a new one that has a cottage feel.
 Last post I showed you the leaking sewer pipes (above) that were made out of cast iron.
 We now have replaced them and the toilet "water" no longer drips into the basement.
 We discovered the well water had a lot of iron in it so we put in an in line filter.
 The dining room is done and just waiting for new flooring.  We love the pass through.

 The only original floor we could salvage was in the master.  We sanded it down to the base wood and stained it a rich mahogany.

 We are using a satin finish over the stain.  Yesterday we put on the second coat and Monday we will see how it looks after drying for a few days over the weekend.
 One of my favorite things about the house was the hall cabinet.  Of course it had a horrible wood stained finish and some of the doors were beyond repair.  My husband made new fronts for the damaged ones and we painted the whole thing white.  I polished all the brass hardware and it all looks so pretty now. 
Inside the linen closet.  All fresh and clean now.
Here is the now functioning laundry chute.  The cabinet was missing one of the drawers so we put a nice shelf in the space.  It will be a great place to put pretty hand towels.
 The second bedroom is also done except for the flooring.  Don't you love all the natural light that comes in through the corner windows!
 I was able to save the third bedroom's closet door.  I think it adds a little original charm to an otherwise plain Jane room.
One last picture,  this is a view into the backyard through the dining room's new sliding door.  We were able to find this stone patio under a layer of weeds and dirt!  We now have our lunch out there every makes for a nice break from all the dust from the remodeling.
Hope you enjoyed what we have accomplished so far in our little flip.  We are finishing up the hall, master bedroom and a few closets this next week.  We have also started working on the living room.  We are starting to feel we are getting close to the end!