Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Year's Father's Day Candy Wrapper

Rhoda and I came up with this cute candybar wrapper for the men at church. It is hard to see the details but the fish is iridescent and the background paper has a water pattern. I used craft paper to make the rectangle that is heavily inked around the edges. Foam tape to pop out the fish and the round tag. One down, only 84 more to go. Diana

Monday, May 17, 2010

Notions Sign

Today I made a little sign using an image from Graphics Fairy. It is an old notions advertisement. I mod podged it onto a sign I created from bits and pieces a while ago. Then I antiqued it before sealing in with a matte finish.
Here it is in my sewing room. Rainy days are great craft days!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tea Towel Redwork

Let me start this post by explaining something. When it comes to crafts, I am a very impatient person. I don't like anything that takes more than a few minutes, an hour tops. I lose focus and am easily distracted if something becomes too monotonous. The words fast and easy must proceed any description of a new project or I might not even give it a try. The thought of hours spent leaning over an embroidery hoop making intricate stitches isn't even on my bucket list. So yesterday when I went to Walmart to get extension cords and 3to2 plugs (another story) I went into the craft section "just to look" and saw that the Brother Embroidery Machine was on sale for more than 50% off! Did I need an embroidery machine..well no....but it was more than 50% off! Had I gone to Walmart to get an embroidery machine..well no....but it was more than 50% off! Could I even figure out how to work an embroidery machine...who was more than 50% off!! I walked around that store for almost an hour debating this purchase but of course you can quess how this ended. is my first project! Redwork ! And it took me less than 10 minutes total! This machine is going to change my life. Dare I say it is even better than my cricut. Blasphemy, I know.

Vintage Look Diner Sign

I am not sure I am finished with this project yet but I thought I'd post it anyway and take a break til I know what it still NEEDS. This is for the cabin's little kitchen and I wanted something graphic and dark to go against the pine walls. I had seen some diner style signs on the net but they were all too small, too expensive or had the wrong colors. This has taken a few days to paint, due to drying time, and I used my cricut to cut the stencils. I think I need to distress it a bit more but I have to wait for the special stencil paint to dry a few days! I hate waiting! Diana

Temple Bracelets

I saw these on another blog and thought WOW! A way to keep that name paper handy! So I made my version but with a lot less bling. After all you are in the Temple! These are on elastic thread so they easily slip on your wrist and the clip has good grip so you don't lose the name card. This one has clear beads so it is even less noticeable.
I've put them in organza bags but still need to make some sort of tag that explains the purpose of the bracelets.
I made four yesterday in very little time! Love these!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Little Pick Up

The Just Because Cards cartridge has finally arrived and I want to make one of each of the designs cuz they are soooo cute! Here is my first one. I made it exactly as it comes but with the addition of the three buttons for some texture. Each card has a saying that is most often a pun.
I choose one of my favorite color combos, yellow and red and then threw a little green and brown in too! Dimensional tape pops out some details.
Each card comes with an envelope cut! I really like this one because the tab slides into a slot so it closes without tape!

Mother's Day

A sweet friend of mine let me borrow her new Mother's Day cartridge and this is one of the designs on it. It is a mini cart but it does have a shadow option which allows for these lovely images. I had picked up an antique little glass pitcher which I filled with chocolates and wrapped in cellophane. Then I put the card on a Popsicle stick to pop it in the bow.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Towel for Justin

My nephew is getting baptized next week. We haven't seen him for years, but we wanted to send him something special to know we were thinking of him. I appliqued CTR onto a nice fluffy towel for him to use after he is baptized. I simply printed out a CTR shield that I located by searching LDS clipart and used double sided fusible interfacing to attach it to the towel. I finished it off by zigzagging around the edges. I found a great poem to attach at