Saturday, July 5, 2014

1963 Yellowstone Camper

After a long day of work yesterday (and weeks of hard work in the last few months!) the inside of the trailer is done!  Yippee!  Here is what now greets me at the door.....
Just in case you have forgotten what we started with, the next few pictures should remind you.
 Ugly kitchen.
 Old cushions and rickety table.
 Dark and dingy just about summed it up.
 But now she is so pretty!  Fresh white paint, refinished appliances, quilted back splash and all the previous projects have really made her shine.
 The stove and ice box took a lot of sanding and prep but it was so worth it.  My husband is an expert at getting a perfect finish with automotive paint.  And he was able to cut a hole in the stainless steel back splash for the outlet cuz he has so many skills.  Mechanic, machinist, restorer, you name it, he can do it!
 The couch/bed area looks so comfy now.

 Here is the dining room.  Hubby hung the new hardware for the table and it works so much better than the old banged up one.  With vintage table cloths and a few accessories, this area just makes me smile!
 The table sleeps one as does the crows nest.  All in all we can sleep 4 adults or who knows how many little ones.
 We kept the old sink, formica counter and table top and the original floors.  They were just in too good of shape to do anything with them!
 A Frayed Knot certainly describes our mindset when we first started out on this project!
One last picture of the dining room.  I know we will continue to finesse the decor in here, plus we still need to start on the huge project of the exterior, but for now she is just perfect the way she is.  Plus we have a ton of projects to do at the cabin this next week (really all summer).  Hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have done with our little A Frayed Knot!


  1. Boy I love it and wish she was mine!!! I'd be gone in a flash with here:)

  2. Awesome job! I'm sure you will enjoy her as much as I my Pink Paradise. Love those vintage table cloths too :)

  3. OMG! It turned out ADORABLE! I can only dream of owning one......

  4. So cute! I remember camping in a trailer just about the same size as yours when I was a little girl. Both my parents, me and my two sisters all fit in, and we loved every minute of it! You did a great job with the re-do. I just love the colors you chose - they are so cheery!

  5. I can't tell you how badly I want one of these !
    You did such a beautiful job with the interior - how perfect for guests ( and I had no idea they could sleep 4 - pretty amazing !

  6. It is perfect !!!!!!Looking for one right now,hope I can do as well as you have.Beautiful!!!!!

  7. Nice but the wood was so beautiful...