Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Flip House So Close To Being Done!

The last two days have seen so many changes at the flip house!  Today the carpet guy came and did the living room, two bedrooms and the hall.
 Here is the room all emptied out.  The padding and carpet strips were the only things in the living room.
 The third bedroom waiting for carpet.
 Same situation in the second bedroom.
 And hall.......
 We got all the cabinet doors back on today too.  Here is a pic of the cabinets during the job.  We painted the dark brown cabinets white.  The door knobs were ordered online and were so much cheaper than the big box store.  And they are really nice too.
 We were really excited to get the microwave in!  It took a little time but it wasn't hard at all.  Some how having an appliance installed feels like we are on the home stretch.
 While we were working in the kitchen, the carpet guy was working too.
By early evening he was done and I spent a bit of time vacuuming.  So much fuzz!  It kept clogging up my little vacuum.  I couldn't resist bringing in a few of the pieces of furniture we will be using for staging.  I thought it would be a tight fit for the larger pieces but the room swallows them!  Looks like I will need to come up with a few more pieces.....
We also worked on the counters and dry fitted the new stainless steel sink.  So this is what still needs to be done....Floor molding in all the carpeted rooms, trim on one more door in the kitchen, trim off a little off the bottom of a door that won't clear the carpet, lay the wood floors in the kitchen, entry way and dining room, touch up paint, and tile back splash.  Then we will move into the basement and finish a few things outside too.  So excited to be so close to the finish line.