Saturday, June 6, 2015

Small Green Doily

Remember the other day when I was whining about how hard it is to read crochet patterns?  Remember when I asked why they couldn't include pictures?
Little did I know there is a form of pattern instructions that is done entirely in pictures.
Here is the finished doily.

Here is the pattern from Anabelia Craft Design.  And it doesn't matter that the blog is in another language cuz.........the directions are just one big picture!!!!!  Yippee.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Lip Balm Holders

Need a quick and easy gift for a friend who loves lip balm?  Here is a silhouette file that will come together in a few minutes.
 I used cardstock and a little ink to destress the edges.
There are a number of other files for EOS lip balm too.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kitty Charms

Today I totally copied a pinterest pin.  
Don't tell anyone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Brooches From Oopsies

This post is about making something usable from your craft mistakes, which we all know we make from time to time.   Sooo, today's theme is brooches.
 What do you do if you mix up too much resin?  Pull out a mold and fill up the cavities until you run out of resin.  These resin hearts were allowed to harden and then I slapped some scrap book paper on the backs with some modpodge.  
 Once the modpodge dries, gorilla glue a pin on the back.
 This crocheted flower was the beginning of a pot holder that, at last, never came to be.
 Some felt and another pin and I now have an adorable daisy for a dress.
 Still more resin filled molds?  Before the resin sets up add some fish aquarium pebbles (that I forget to put in my Pocket Aquarium).  Once the resin has set up, paint the backs and attached more pins
See, with just a little extra work, some of your oopsies can become useful too!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One Use Soaps

Have you ever seen a child tear apart a cereal box to get to the prize inside?  Well I'm hoping the prizes inside these soaps will have dirty little hands scrubbing furiously to get to them!  I've made other versions before (here and here) that always worked great.
I made a mold in the shape of a mini fish bowl.
 Little tiny Nemo fish swim around the bowl.
 See, he is looking at you.
 This one looks like a shell on the beach.
 But it is a hermit crab right at the water's edge.
Oops, looks like he might get carried away by the next wave. 
 A miniature rubber duck is taking a bubble bath.
I got the miniature animals at a hardware store in Amish country.  Less than 1 inch in size, they were perfect for these tiny soaps.  I've included links to purchase each toy above.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pocket Aquarium Out of Polymer Clay

Another project from Pinterest.  I have been on a polymer clay kick lately, I know.
Here is the original pin link.  Once you see the pin you will be tempted to give it a try too.  And, by the way.  tell me why tiny things are so stinking cute?    
  I covered the tin with clay and embossed it with water like swirls.
This took three days to make but most of the time was waiting for the resin to dry.  The first day I made all the rocks, animals and reeds out of clay.  Do you see the funny little poly wogs?  Then I poured a small layer of blue tinted resin in the bottom of the tin and embedded all the objects (once they were baked).  I had to let the resin dry 24 hours before I could add another layer of clear resin.  Another 24 hours to dry.  Done.  You can carry this in your purse to entertain a child or, as in my case, yourself.  I am easily entertained.