Saturday, November 21, 2015

WiFi Password For Guests

Do you know you can change you WiFi password from that ridiculously long string of numbers?  I googled it and followed the instructions and then......lost all access to the internet.  Called my provider and found out you also need to delete and then re establish your internet connection.  WITH ALL YOUR DEVICES.  Not hard once I knew how.  Then my printer wouldn't work.  Same deal.  Reconnect.  I think I am all set now.......  Back to the reason I changed my password.  When we have guests it is annoying to have to give them that old password.  So now I have a cute little framed Welcome and WiFi info picture in the guest room for them.
So much easier for them now. 
Got the frame at Walmart and printed the info.
I think it is a cute way to make my guest feel welcome.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Santa Bag Using My Silhouette

Been spending a lot of quality time with my Silhouette lately.  Today's project is a Santa bag for a young family at our church.
 I used heat transfer flocked vinyl from Silhouette and a cutting file from Fynes Designs.  She also has directions for a bag!  However, I used my own pattern because I wanted my bag to have a round bottom.
The file took forever to cut.  I used double cut and blade set at 4 which seemed to work well for this material and file.
Using my iron worked but it was more time consuming.  I did have a 12x12 tile under the fabric to help increase the heat from the back of the design too.
My bag is tied with a ribbon and is stuffed with a few goodies for there family.  Can't wait to give it to them.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Update on Dr Who Tardis Ornaments

Had so much trouble getting the vinyl to lay smooth against the glass ornament.  Found out if you hit it with a blow dryer or heat gun the vinyl magically flattens and is totally smooth!  So cool.

Dr. Who Tardis Ornament

Not easy to put a flat vinyl design on a rounded surface.  Enough said.

OK so not enough said.  So hard.  Never again.  Hated every minute of it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wintery Deer Pillow

I have been seeing Heat Transfer Vinyl projects all over the net and finally got enough courage to try one myself.  I don't have a heat press (hint, hint, Christmas is coming!) so I had to use an iron.  Apparently you shouldn't use a sheet of glass as a base....... crack!  But other than that small problem it wasn't so hard.
 I used a Silhouette file for the deer image and pretty blue flocked vinyl.  The silhouette cut it out like butter even though it was very intricate.  Then I used my iron at the hottest setting (less than 300 degrees).  I also used a Teflon sheet between the iron and vinyl.  Less than 1 minute of heavy pressure and the vinyl was stuck.  I am not sure if this pillow would stand up to a washing machine but since it is a pillow not a pillow cover it should not ever see the inside of a washer.
Here is a closer view.  This pillow is going to my youngest daughter who uses a lot of blues and grays in her decor.  Hope she likes it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Owl Apron

A dear friend's great grand daughter Hailey loves the apron I wear for my church assignment.  (see here)  She asked if I could sew up one for Hailey for Christmas.  Hoping to get a jump on some of my holiday projects I got right on it.
She gave me free reign on fabric choice so I chose this cute owl fabric.  I even made a pot holder from the scraps.
  The apron and pot holder will be used for her 4H cooking class.
 Love this pocket.
The back is so pretty too.  Hope she likes this as much as I do!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Place Cards for Silhouette

Want a free and easy printable set of place cards for your Thanksgiving table?
Here is a cutting file for your Silhouette that combines printing the card and overlaying a pretty fall leaf.  Or you can just print the entire thing.  (just be sure to select "No cut" on the leaf image)  You can also edit the name or stick with the "Be Grateful" sentiment.  The choice is yours.
The black lines do not appear in the download, I just added them to the image to make it easier to see so you could actually see the cutting lines.  The cards fold into a tent with the leaf sticking out the top.