Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth Of July Gifts

This Sunday is the 4th and I needed simple gifts for the teachers and leaders in the children's Primary (Sunday school)! They work so hard each week teaching the little ones so I had to do something. I had seen something like this a few months ago on a blog and so off to the store I went to get my supplies. The flag circle decorates a small bottle of bubbles. The TNT poppers were put in a bag and I printed the label (by the way, if you stable the label on, be careful not to get one of the poppers too close cuz they WILL explode....don't ask). The streamer was also covered by a strip of printed paper. Throw in some chocolate and what could be better! Here is the close up of the poppers. Soo cute.
Every thing was put in a bag with a red shovel and some shredded paper. Tied with a blue ribbon and that's that.
Here is the rear view so you can see the shovel.
For the leaders I took some of the same treats, plus some sparklers, and put them in a red bucket. Wrapping in cellophane gives it a festive look! Then I made some tags with my cricut and A Child's Year cart! Stick in a small flag and a big red bow and how patriotic!
These buckets were from JoAnns.
The tags were cut from Tags, Bags...... and were antiqued with brown ink. I also rough up the edges with the blade of my scissors. Hope the teachers like them! Happy 4th everyone! Diana

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunflower With Candy Center

At our local swarm tomorrow night, we will be making these fun little sunflowers! One of the members had received a similar one at a quilt convention and asked me to deconstruct it and teach the others how to do them. I have written instructions for anyone interested, just leave a comment with your email included and I can send them along. I used sweet treat cups from Stampin Up and the sticks are from wiltons. They are called brownie sticks and are extra long!
What is real cool is that you don't have to destroy the flower to get out the candy! There is an escape hatch that slides open and close! If you look real close you can see the hole in the top area of the candy cup holder. The leaves are the end of the slider!
The little tag says Happy Birthday! Diana

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Spoon Picture

What do you do with a print of a vintage Paris postcard from some antique silver and silver plate utensils I got at an auction for $4.00.....
and a plastic gold frame picked up at the same auction? (Just to be clear, I did not bid on the plastic frame. The auctioneer threw in a box of assorted frames with the silverware just to be rid of them!)
Well, black spray paint can fix anything!!!!! And here is the result... love it! I did ink the postcard and put in a few wrinkles to age it a bit. Diana

A Little Birdie....

Sweet little card for a birthday wish. The bird is from Just Because Cards cartridge and the branch is from Serenade cartridge. I inked the edges in lavender and used foam tape on the branch, bird and sentiment. The ribbon is from Martha and is threaded through slots made with a punch.
The inside is computer generated. Diana

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This stick of dynamite is filled with Dove chocolates! I used a crystal light container that I removed the label from and covered with the stripe paper. I made the tag from Just Because Cards cartridge.
The rockets are from Independence Day cartridge.
I covered the lid and added a twine for the fuse. Diana

Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Car Cozy

I saw these cute car mats at a festival a few weeks ago and knew I had to make some. I found directions and a tutorial at:
Here is one of four that I made today. There are six pockets for toy cars and a roadway for playing.
You roll up the mat and tie it up to keep everything nice and tidy.
Here are the other three. I used my new embroidery machine to embroider three of my grandsons' initials. One is in patriotic colors, one is a farm theme and the last is in camo.
See how cute the tractor is on this one!
And cars fit so nicely in the pockets! Love these! Diana

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ronan's Birthday Card

Little Ronan's Birthday is Monday so I quickly put together a card from the Just Because cart. Everything is straight from the cart and the only additional embellishment was a little red ink around the edge of the card. I did it at 8 3/4 and the envelope wouldn't cut that big so I had to make one for this extra long card myself. The sentiment is perfect for Ronan as he is one of the funnest little guys around! Diana

Monday, June 14, 2010

Over Due Teacher Gifts

Now that school is over, I have a few minutes to post the gifts the kids and I made for our teachers. They were really fun to make. I found these boxes in the fishing department at Wal-mart, however, I now know that there are much cheaper ones in the jewelry department of craft stores. The goodies in the boxes came from Staples. I filled an entire tub of them for only $5.00. The idea was found on

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Candybar Wrapper

I did this wrapper for a baptism on Sunday. It is a rainy day so it was difficult to find a spot with a little natural light. This is a giant candy bar that I did in muted shades of peach and green. The message on the bottom says congrats from Beyond Birthdays and the flower is from Walk in My Garden. I inked the edges in white to soften the whole thing. Diana