Friday, April 24, 2015

Very Sweet Bibs

Can you believe I have never made a bib before?  Been sewing my whole life but this simple project has never been on my to do list......until my husband asked me to make some for a coworker's new baby in China.  Normally I would make a quilt for the occasion but it is soooo hot in China right now he thought a quilt would go unused.  So some bibs it was.
 I had a lot of much fun making these.  I got the pattern online here.
 I used fabric instead of terry cloth on the back.
 Machine appliqued "shabby" style.  That means I left raw edges......kind of like "country" style potatoes means I don't take the time to peel them.

A little ric rac and some snaps were all the notions needed to complete these adorable bibs.  And in a few days these will be on there way to China and a sweet little baby girl.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kitchenaid Vinyl Decals-Make Your Own!

I have been eyeing some cute Kitchenaid vinyls for quite a while now.  I needed to wait until my dear husband changed the grease (icky job, let me tell you) before I put some on.  Because I have a silhouette there was no question that I would make mine own.....After seeing this cute one (which you can buy if you don't have a cutting machine, or just don't want to go to the trouble of making a file yourself) I got to work.
 Easy peasy.
 Looks so cute.
Turns my plan Jane mixer into a sweet little thing.  And I can change it out for something else later on!  Love a simple project to brighten a cloudy day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chocolate Covered Jelly Sticks

Third attempt the charm!  At least when it comes to this yummy candy.
While these aren't exactly like the delicious candy you can buy at the store. they come pretty close.
I tried two other recipes. neither of which worked very well.  One came out two runny and the other was so chewy it was inedible.  Both were a lot of work too.  Big disappointment.  Finally I went with the easiest recipe that appeared here on Utube.  It worked and took no time at all.  I used raspberry jello cuz that's my favorite.  I poured the liquid into a silicone mold for water bottle ice cubes.
 Well. the gummy part took no time at all but dipping them in chocolate. not so easy.  Those little buggers were slippery and floppy.  What a mess.  But once they were covered in chocolate I drizzled a little more chocolate on top to make it look deliberate.  Ta-da!  Fancy looking candies! 
What would I do differently......add a little raspberry flavoring to increase the intensity of the raspberry jello!!!!  I had also made some gummies in a heart mold and I wouldn't do that again.  Too difficult to hold on to for dipping in chocolate.  Kept falling off the dipping fork and back into the chocolate.  Over and over again til I just gave up and grabbed them out with my hands.  Chocolate everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  And the finished product?  Not pretty enough to appear on the blog so you got to take my work for it.  Stick with the sticks.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Very Pretty Apron Using Simplicity Pattern 1240

I just got a new calling at my church that I am SOOOO excited about.  NURSERY LEADER.  DREAM JOB!!!!!  I get to play with little children and have a snack halfway through could it get any better than that.
 But it can be a messy calling so I made a sweet little apron to wear over my Sunday clothes.  I used Simplicity pattern 1240 because it would flow over my dresses and not crush them.  Plus the model on the package looked adorable in it.  I was even able to find a very similar print for the main fabric.  My daughter Jenn suggested the chevron fabric to make it more modern.  Read that as less "granny looking".
 Isn't it adorable.  And very easy to make.
 I did line the pocket for a more finished interior, and I used my serger for all the seams for the same reason.
Can't wait to wear it this Sunday!  What is it about a ruffle that just makes you feel pretty.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pin Win Chocolate Eggs With Cheesecake Filling

Pin win!  I tried these adorable cheesecake filled chocolate eggs I found on Pinterest  and they turned out perfect!
 The pin was from raspberri cupcakes and with a few adjustments I was proud to put these on the Easter table.
 First of all I couldn't find premade hollow chocolate eggs so I had to make my own.  No mold-no problem.  I just worked with a half egg mold I had.....I would love to show how I did it for you but apparently cheap molds shouldn't go in the dish washer.....who knew!  Let's just hope you can find a 3D egg mold so you can have an easier time.  I trimmed off that ridge of chocolate to get a smooth joint.
 raspberri cupcakes' cheesecake recipe was delicious but instead of the passion fruit yolk she used, I made up a batch of lemon curd.  Dyed it a deep orange to more resemble a rich yolk.  Also I piped in the fillings instead of using a spoon to shove it in.  
One other adjustment.  I made my eggs freestanding by putting a blob of melted chocolate on wax paper and setting an egg on each blob.  You have to hold them steady for a bit but it worked out great.  If you have enough egg cups you could avoid this step.  Pretty impressive huh.  Kind of like a Cadsbury egg!  But much more delicious.