Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Kitchen Cartridge

I made this card today just before the garage door "incident". More on that later in this post. The stove is from my new cartridge http://www.cricut.com/res/samplesheets/29-1054-FromMyKitchen_samplechart.jpg From my Kitchen. So many adorable images!!! I had a hard time choosing what to use first. The housewife is from the computer, as are the words. I distressed edges and inked in a lime green. The layers are popped with foam tape.
So back to the garage door...I had just opened the automatic garage doors to take out the garbage. Really thinking ahead since the garbage guy doesn't come until tomorrow :) Closed the door and when I was in the kitchen, I heard the hum of the motor still running!!! Looked into the garage and the whole mechanism is jammed into the end of the rail, bent all out of shape. 30 minutes later, covered in grease, what I thought I could do heaven only knows, I give up, and have a mini breakdown. Did I mention Ron just left for Africa yesterday? Oh and both the cars are in the garage. Of Course they are. Soooo I make a few phone calls. Do you know garage door people have emergency phone numbers, cuz apparently this happens a lot. Garage guys are coming tomorrow and my bank account will never be the same I am sure. Lots of fun. Right. Diana

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