Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For The Teacher

At Parent-Teacher Conference Eli's teacher mentioned she needed some spinners for reading comprehension. I should have kept my mouth shut, instead, I spent almost two days making these. I am sure she didn't have anything this elaborate in mind...especially since the first graders won't even care! I hope Mrs. S remembers all the time they took me when report card time comes around!

To make the block I spray painted childrens' wooden blocks black and glued on paper using the permanent sticker maker. I then distressed and filed the paper and added the circles with the comprehension questions. I finished them with a coat of poly spray to protect and seal them.

The spinners are laminated scrapbooking paper with a decorative paperclip attached with a brad.

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  1. Would you give me some more detail on how you made this cute gift????