Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Microwave Steam Bags

I saw bags like this at a little Amish store here in Ohio. Of course they were a lot plainer than this one. The Amish don't really go for bling. Not even when it is a country chicken waiting for the corn to cook. But I like chickens. A lot. You use these bags to cook corn or potatoes in your microwave. And you can also heat tortillas in them. They are a simple envelope bag with a sewn in flap. There in a muslin lining, cotton batting and a pretty all cotton fabric on the outside. Each fabric is cut at 22x10 that is folded into an envelope and sewn with 1/4 seams. Easy.
I machined embroidered this funky chicken 6 inches up from one end before sewing.
And included the instruction card I printed up into the flap. These bags steam the food and keep it from drying out and getting crunchy. Fluffy potatoes and moist corn. Num. Diana

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  1. I love your project! I saw it on Sew Cute Tuesday!
    carla louise