Friday, November 16, 2012

Elves Need Pampering Too

So what do elves do after a hard day's work?  Take a bubble bath of course!
This is a simple project that anyone can master.  All you need are some bendable elves (I got mine from Oriental Trading Company), clear melt and pour soap base, White melt and pour soap base, blue soap dye, rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and fragrance of your choice.
Bend elves into a lounging position and place in mold. 
I liked having a least one foot above the top of mold.
Melt clear soap base in microwave until just melted.  Don't melt too long or soap will boil over.
Add just a drop of blue dye to make it resemble water. Add fragrance.   Pour into molds put leave at least 1/4 inch unfilled for next layer.  Spray with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles.  Allow soap to cool and firm.  You can put the filled molds in the fridge to speed up cooling.
Melt white soap base til just melted.  Add fragrance.  Pour over clear soap layer so it appears to be bubble bath.
Allow to completely cool and set up.  Pop out of molds and let your elves take a break from their hectic lives.  Diana

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