Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hebron Art and Music Festival 2013

Last weekend we did our first craft fair in years.  We started at a very small event so it would be more fun and less stress.......that was our plan anyway.
 The camper was a big hit and got so much attention!  We actually got two offers on it but I would NEVER sell her!
 Here is a picture that shows our booth and new awning.  We learned a lot this time out!  Like how to set up the awning I made.  We learned that if we did it wrong a strong wind will bring it down on our heads----twice.
 The camper doll house was a great mascot.
 A few of my favorite items.
 The camper was great for brief breaks from the sun.
 Eli and Abby helped with set up and sells.
Abby and her school friend take a moment to chat and enjoy the camper.  While our sells were slow (small festival means few customers) we enjoyed meeting people and showing off the camper!  It was fun to have the experience.  Now we will take a break and decide if this is something we want to try again......


  1. I think about you often with the camper, I think the best part is meeting people.

  2. Love your camper and I am sure people loved to stop by and chat.