Monday, April 14, 2014

New Little Red Hens

It was a tough winter here in the Midwest.  Our little flock suffered several losses from old age and the freezing temp.  So sad!  We had prepared well with new insulation and water heating elements but a few of the old girls just weren't strong enough to last til spring.  We supply eggs to a number of families so I needed to add more girls to keep up production.  Here they are fresh from the feed store.  They were very cute (the pic is a few weeks old) but now have hit that awkward teenage stage.  All fluff and feathers sticking out every which way.  Not at all attractive.......  Other news.  I am trying to cure an "egg eater" to save her from being culled.  Right now she is in isolation to keep the others from learning her bad habit.  She is being real stubborn so far but I haven't given up on her yet......  The drama continues.

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