Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yellow And Black (and a whole lot of white) Quilt

This is seriously one of my favorite quilts I have ever made.  Not sure why, it certainly isn't the most difficult or the prettiest.  Maybe it is the colors and how graphic the fabric and quilt pattern is........
 Whatever the reason I just love it.
 It is lap size and I made it for my sister who is waiting for a lung transplant.  
I am hoping it helps to brighten her days every time she cuddles under it.


  1. This really is a beautiful quit. The fabric you found is just perfect. No wonder it's your favorite!

  2. It's a gorgeous quilt, I love those colors together. Good luck to your sister and hope she has a speedy recovery.

  3. I love the yellow and black, and all the white! It is a bright and sunny quilt and should provide lots of comfort to your sister. Sending positive thoughts out to her!

  4. I hope your sister recovers soon.
    the quilt is really beautiful. I love the colors.