Friday, October 23, 2015

Another Baby Quilt Heading For China

Another of my husband's secretaries is expecting a baby!  And since this is his last trip to China (he is retiring early!!!!!) I needed to rush and make a baby quilt as quickly as possible.
 Nothing is faster than a strip quilt and it goes even quicker when you use a jelly roll to make it.  Even though it took a little more effort, I decided to round the corners and piece a section of the back.
 The muted palette of greens and browns looks so pretty and should work for a boy or girl.
I machine quilted it in simple swirls.  
The most time consuming part was figuring out why my thread kept breaking (dull needle) and hand sewing the binding.  I was about to lose my mind trying to resolve the thread issue.  Of course it is always something you should have thought of right away but somehow never do.  Thanks to my local quilt shop for giving me some support and not laughing at my duh moment! 
Hope Belinda and baby enjoy the gift!


  1. Really pretty! I love the subtleness of it all.

  2. I really like the colors you chose. Very soothing!

  3. This quilt has such a peaceful, appealing fabric mix. :)