Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mint Cupcakes For St Patrick's Day

Look what I am serving for St Patrick's Day dinner........Mint Cupcakes.
These beauties are an adaptation of this recipe from The Crafting Foodie.
 So what did I do differently?  No cookie on the bottom of the cupcake or as decoration.
 Instead I used what chocolate curls to decorate.  So what I ended up with was chocolate cupcakes filled with mint flavored chocolate ganache, topped with more ganache, mini chocolate chips, mint flavored buttercream frosting and more ganache drizzled and white chocolate curls on top,  Boy was that a mouthful!
Some of the cupcakes will be traveling so I put them in cups to protect them.  Love that idea.  You can still see the yumminess but they stay intact.

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