Monday, March 13, 2017

First Ever Fondant Cake

I love to try new crafts, recipes and techniques!  Lately I have been wanting to make a cake with both edible lace and fondant, neither of which I have ever tried to do before.  With a winter storm on it's way and an afternoon with no pressing activities, today seemed perfect for a little kitchen crafting!
 I made a tiny 6 inch cake from Dessert For Two that was as cute as can be.  It is actually a 2 layer lemon cake with a lemon curd filling.  The cake has a coarse crumb and the curd is nice and tart.  I gave it a skim coat of buttercream and then attempted the fondant.  Because  the fondant was store bought, I warmed it up a little to make it easier to work with.  Despite all the horror stories I had heard about fondant, it went really easy!  Next I made  a bunch of edible lace that I tinted yellow.  This stuff is wonderful.  I did an earlier post on the lace here.  The linked post shows how you can use it for pretty lace dollies to use in cocoa!
 You can see the seam where I didn't quite match up the edges.  To get the lace to stick to the fondant I used a little corn syrup.
Wouldn't this be a dainty little cake to serve for an English Tea?  Or maybe a special treat for your spouse on a wintry night......

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