Sunday, June 24, 2018

One Step Closer

Another post on the progress at the carriage house in Georgia!
 Starting out with a pic of the tile we chose for the bathroom, laundry closet and entry.  Love the color, hate that they messed up the layout.  Second tile from the top is not right.  Sent them a note and that should be fixed soon.  Our builders have been great so far about everything including last minute changes so can't complain too much.  Can't wait to see the tiled floors in person once they are all done.
 The wood floors have a few more steps til they are finished but I really like the color they turned out to be.  This picture is from the kitchen into the small pantry.  The cabinets should go in this week.
 Living area and doors into bathroom and bedroom.  That wall next to the doors will be where our TV will go.  I want to get a white painted buffet to go below the TV.
Here is the painted exterior, during a rain shower, as taken by our daughter.  The garage doors still need to go in and will be white.  The front door will be painted black.
Here is the dormer area in our bedroom.  Don't know what I will end up putting there but I have always wanted a house with dormers so I am excited about just having this area!  
We are getting really close to the finish line.  We will check with the builders this week to see if they have a "finish" date for us.  Then we will rent a little uhaul and move in.  Looking forward to vacationing on Lake Lanier and just getting away from the everyday life.  I can already picture us sitting on the boat dock or taking a ride in the boat while my husband fishes.  Or maybe exploring the area, stopping to shop at all the fruit and vegetable stands.  I have already mapped out the bakeries nearby including a pie shop that looks really good.  Sounds like I better put on my stretchy pants!

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