Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth Of July Gifts

This Sunday is the 4th and I needed simple gifts for the teachers and leaders in the children's Primary (Sunday school)! They work so hard each week teaching the little ones so I had to do something. I had seen something like this a few months ago on a blog and so off to the store I went to get my supplies. The flag circle decorates a small bottle of bubbles. The TNT poppers were put in a bag and I printed the label (by the way, if you stable the label on, be careful not to get one of the poppers too close cuz they WILL explode....don't ask). The streamer was also covered by a strip of printed paper. Throw in some chocolate and what could be better! Here is the close up of the poppers. Soo cute.
Every thing was put in a bag with a red shovel and some shredded paper. Tied with a blue ribbon and that's that.
Here is the rear view so you can see the shovel.
For the leaders I took some of the same treats, plus some sparklers, and put them in a red bucket. Wrapping in cellophane gives it a festive look! Then I made some tags with my cricut and A Child's Year cart! Stick in a small flag and a big red bow and how patriotic!
These buckets were from JoAnns.
The tags were cut from Tags, Bags...... and were antiqued with brown ink. I also rough up the edges with the blade of my scissors. Hope the teachers like them! Happy 4th everyone! Diana

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  1. Diana, I am so glad you visited my site, it brought me to yours.... You are so creative. I love your blog and ideas. You will do great with that new embroidery machine. I will be back to visit often and want to see many more embroidery projects :)