Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silver Paper Weight

A silver leaf paper weight.....very elegant! Plus it is inexpensive and easy to make!Now that we have a LARGE new craft store in our little town I have so many temptations every time I go in to get some little thing! The last time I went, I picked up a magnifying glass paper weight. I knew there was something I could do with it! I thought about mod podging it but the curve of the glass would make that difficult.
Then I remembered I had some silver leaf! Perfect! I applied it to the underside of the weight and sealed it with matte spray. I covered it with some felt to protect the silver and any surface I lay it on. And just to add a little more detail, I cut out some black vinyl in the shape of a leaf and put it on the top of the dome. If I get tired of the leaf I can change it out to something else!
This would make a great gift but I plan on keeping and using this myself! Diana

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