Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mod Flower Garment Bag

I finally replaced my old garment bag! The old one was made of vinyl (which I had tried to iron....come on, it had a lot of wrinkles! Now it just has some funky melted spots). Ugly. I had been wanting to make a new one but the cost of the quilted fabric kept giving me pause. Eventually the ugliness of the old vinyl one beat out the expensiveness of the new fabric. My next issue was the granny like choices of quilted fabric at Joanns. Sooooo icky. But the back side of a patchwork looking one had this simple floral pattern. It would have to do. And using lime green as my accent fabric helped a lot.

I put my first initial inside this cool flower. I think doing it in black is a fun.

This loop on the back allows me to fold up the bottom and hook it over the hanger. Easier to carry that way.

And there is a LARGE hidden pocket at the bottom for all the little things I need. I also made a shoe bag to match so I am all set for my next trip! NO more embarrassing vinyl! Diana


  1. Did you use a pattern for this? I will need to make one for Laci's cheer stuff and I love the look of this one! Great job! Thanks so much for linking to It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursdays!

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