Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

 My children LOVE hard boiled eggs.  In an attempt to make their school lunches more fun I am trying to do some unexpected things in their lunch boxes.  When we were in S. Korea several years ago, we picked up some egg molds like these.   We only picked up two.  What's the point in only boiling two hard boiled eggs at a time?  Then I decided to try to use my ice cream sandwich molds to make a bigger batch.  Guess what--they worked.  Here's how...
Lightly spray your molds with a non-stick cooking spray.  The first time I didn't do this and some of the detailing stuck to the mold.
 Bring your eggs (preferably more than a week old.  They will peel easier) to a boil.  Once a boil is acheived quickly lid the pot and remove from heat.  Let sit in the lidded pot for 15 minutes.
 Remove one egg at a time and run under cold water until you think you can stand to peel them.  The hotter they are the better they will mold.  I was able to peel them after running them under cold water for about 5-7 seconds.  Place the egg in the mold and put the plunger in.  Add a good amount of weight to the top so they press down completely.  I placed mine on my counter top with a cutting board pressing on them.  I had to add a stack of plates to make sure there was enough pressure on the plunger.  It is important that the egg is hot when it is placed in the mold, so I had to do one egg, from peeling to pressure, before I started the next one.  Let the eggs rest for about ten or so minutes before you remove them from the mold.  You can wait longer, but make sure that if you do they are in the fridge while they are being compressed.
 Then pop off the bottom of the mold and your egg should slide right out.


  1. That is such a cute idea! I just need some molds now.

  2. Whoa! Learn something new every day. Never ever thought you could do this! Now I need to find some molds!