Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cupcakes in a Jelly Jar

My dear husband was brave sweet to volunteer to take our most "spirited" class in children's primary this Sunday and I couldn't send him in empty handed.The promise of Chocolate and Cherry cupcakes in a jar should keep the little munchkins in line long enough to allow him to get through the lesson.  And they can take them home to eat instead of dropping crumbs all over the church!  Man I would love to be in his class!  I mean, Cupcakes in a Jar!  I'd sit quietly for 30 minutes for one of these babies!

 Chocolate cupcake, cherry filling, chocolate cupcake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate jimmies and chocolate chips! 
And look at the cute cherries on top plus I tied on a plastic spoon!Moms are going to hate me on the trip home from church when the little squirts can't wait til they get home to eat them. Hee hee.  Diana

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