Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Fairy Garden

Last year I made a fairy garden and really enjoyed seeing it as I passed by.  So sweet to image the tiny visitors that might inhabit the garden after dusk, just as the fireflies are coming out to dance.  But the fern I planted quickly outgrew it's environment and hid the little gazebo. This year I used a planter I found in our old barn.  It is made from tiny pebbles.  Instead of plants (that would eventually grow too large) I filled the planter with soft moss which grows in all the shady places in our yard.  I then moved in the gazebo, bridge and gardening tools (so carelessly dropped on the moss by the fairies) along with a few stones and pebbles. 

I placed the garden along our front walkway so we can see it whenever we go out!  Just the touch of whimsy I need to start my day on a cheerful note.  Diana

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