Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snicker Bar Cupcake

It all started with a bag of snickers.  I needed to make some cupcakes for our YW camp fundraiser tonight and was drawing a blank on what sort of cupcake I should make.  So........ I started with a snickers bar.  Then a little web browsing and this is what I ended up doing........
Bakingdom had a great recipe for Snicker Bar Cupcakes that I followed--kind of.  Except I used store bought ice cream caramel topping and, instead of the candy filling she makes, I used cream cheese filling with more caramel sauce mixed in.  I mean these are seriously sweet and rich cupcakes and the candy filling felt like overkill.  If that is possible in a cupcake.......... 

Here they are all packaged up for the auction.  Diana


  1. Snickers Cupcake? Can't get much better than that!

  2. The cupcakes sounds delicious...anything with Snickers, right?!
    Thank you so much for coming by the party, hope to see you again tonight!