Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Wee Break at the Cabin

Sunday night we packed up and headed to the cabin.  The weather was mild and cool, perfect for a impromptu camping trip.
The grass has begun to turn green and is in need of a mow.
Don't you love old fence post and dirt roads?
There are so many things at the cabin for which I am grateful and that make staying there so nice.  Number one is running water, great for doing dishes and even more important, flushing the toilet.
My grandmother's blanket and a creaky rocking chair.
A warm fire and S'mores.
A cozy loft to sleep in.  The air mattress is in the tub and someday we will finish the walls and floor, but for now it will do.

All the little signs of nature we get to enjoy!
Walks in the meadow fresh with the morning's dew.
A view to die for.
Signs of spring.
Reminders of summers past.
A swimming hole waiting for the warm weather that's just around the corner.
A morning spent turkey hunting and an afternoon spent mowing the front meadow.  All these things are simple pleasures we are often too busy to enjoy.  It is nice to slow down once in a while!  This trip we didn't tackle any projects, except for the mowing, we just had fun.  The projects can wait a few weeks........

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