Sunday, April 14, 2013


Chocolately smooth with a kick!  That's how I would describe these chocolate suckers.  And did I mention they have "Pop Rocks" in them too?  Yum!
 One thing with chocolate, you have to use special flavor additives, otherwise the chocolate will clump and no one likes that!  I get all my supplies from Chocoley.  They have great no tempering chocolate that beats Wiltons candy coating hands down. 
I did get a little bloom on the surface but I'm OK with that.  Left them in the fridge too long.......


  1. Did you sprinkle the pop rocks on or in the chocolate, and did they pop when they hit the chocolate. Like the pop rock chocolate idea.

  2. The POP ROCKS are sprinkled into the melted chocolate. You do hear a few pops but enough of them survive to pop in you mouth.