Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Step Closer to My Dream

Do you have a dream of owning a cute vintage trailer.  Something to decorate real girly and show off at the campgrounds?  ME TOO!!!!!!  I have been looking for a canned ham for a while but no luck!  I even tried to get a neighbor down the road to sell me his but he said no.  He needed it for ........brace!  I left my number if he ever comes to his senses and wants to buy a storage shed instead.
So, to hold me over, I bought a miniture kit and am playing with it until a real one is in my driveway.  Plus my granddaughters might enjoy it too.
Mind you it is not decorated yet.  It took days to put together and paint.  I laminated a "vinyl" floor in a pink and white checkerboard.  A couple buys on ebay got me the sink, stove, and dishdrainer.  I made the booth and bed.  
Too cute!

Let the decorating begin......


  1. How cute! I am absolutely sure that your granddaughter will love this ;)

  2. I too dream of completely remodeling and decorating a cute little vintage trailer. There are so many cute ones out there to drool over...Has your neighbor ever heard of a storage SHED!!!! He could buy a SHED with the sell of the trailer....