Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Packaging Handmade Jewelry

My granddaughter Abby and I picked up some jewelry for her mother at a local craft fair this past weekend.  The pieces were made from vintage bits and were beautiful BUT the vendor just tossed the necklace and ring in a paper tissue paper or nothing!  That didn't feel very special.  And we could hardly just hand over the bag to my daughter and say "here's your gift."
So Abby and I went into the craft closet and started crafting!  We took a page from an old book and glued it to some cardstock.   We inked the edges and punch holes for the necklace to drape from.  We cut a slot for the ring to slide into.  Doesn't it look impressive?  We thought so.
Next we attacked the paper bag.  More book pages, some craft paper ran through the crimper, a vintage bird image and more ink and we were done.  Much nicer and now the presentation looks as good as the jewelry!


  1. Oh wow, that is so pretty. I think anyone would appreciate receiving that as a gift! This gets me thinking about simple ways to dress up packaging for my Etsy shop! Saw this on Someday Crafts link party and wanted to say hi!
    Sarah @

  2. That is a super stunning jewelry packaging! I love it! So vintage!

  3. Oh! That’s so cute. I really love your idea. It only makes the gift extra special. Thanks anyway for sharing this one.