Monday, November 4, 2013

New Couch Cushions For the Vintage Camper

One more project to cross off the list.  I finished the couch cushions in our camper!  Well, I actually have one more to do but we only need it when the couch is made into a bed...... 
 I am loving the new firm cushions!  The old ones were pretty worn out and your bum went right to the bottom wood.  Not so comfy.
 I have been stressing about what to do with the area over the wheels.  When the bed is made up it is covered but when the couch is in place the boxes are not that great to look at.  I thought about making cushion to cover them.......that would be OK......until my friend Mary and I found 2 vintage suitcases at the Rural Society at Warwick Farms that look great...... as end tables!  Plus they provide extra storage.  And I looooove the color!  Speaking of great color......
 We also found this old AM radio in turquoise! 
 My grandma keeps me supplied in dollies.
The next project is sewing up the cushions for the crow's nest.  Then we will tackle some non sewing items!  Can't wait.


  1. I love your camper! What a fun project. I can't wait to see your crow's nest next. Tell your grandma to keep the doilies coming! Thanks for linking this project up with us on Twirl and Take a Bow. Join us any Tuesday with another awesome project! ~Tammy

  2. Coolest project ever!!! I would love for you to come on by and link up to The CSI Project this week. The challenge is Sewing. So your cushions are perfect! You just might take home the Top Pick!!!!
    Come on by!

  3. I have been looking for an old camper to fix up. Yours looks so cute! I love the fabric you chose and that banner is adorable. It looks so cozy.

  4. Such a cute cozy camper Diana! The hubs and I went out and sat in ours last night. We listened to some music, finished a cup of coffee, and chatted. My idea of a perfect backyard vacation. I will be following along! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)