Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Way To Add Yarn While Knitting NO KNOTS OR ENDS TO WEAVE IN

I was knitting this morning and just when I started making some real progress my yarn had a nasty knot in it.  Not the kind of knot where I tangled it but instead the kind where the manufacturer tied the end of one run to the beginning of the next one.  Drat!  Hate those.  
I hate having the knot show in my "perfect" knitting and I don't like how bulky it looks if I use the traditional method of adding yarn.   I had been toying with an idea for a while and now I decided put it to the test.  Get out your needle felting stuff and I will walk you through it.
First, start with the end of your yarn and the beginning of the yarn you want to add. 
Overlap them about 1/2 inch and punch your needle felting pen into that area, rolling and punching about twenty times.
 It will look pretty funky but continue punching until you can not pull the yarns apart with a gentle tug.
Trim off any fuzz until the yarn is the same width as the rest.  That's it!  You can't even tell that you added yarn and you can't see it in your project.
I tested several different types of yarn......acrylics, blends, wool and straight cotton.  The only one it didn't work with was the 100 cotton (the kind that you make dish clothes with) because it wasn't fuzzy enough.  The needle just made a mess......see above.  Oh well......
I love this method and now I keep my needle felting stuff with my knitting basket for quick fixes.


  1. This is a GREAT idea! I too hate it when a knot shows up in the skein!

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