Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dresden Plate Progress

I have decided to redecorate my sewing/guest room.  The yellow and red color scheme got old real fast.  I am going for a vintage yellow, blue and pink room instead.  That way I can use a lot of the things I have that won't fit in the vintage trailer due to it's limited space cozy size.  So the first thing I need is a new quilt for the bed.  A Dresden Plate has been on my wish list for a long time so I've decided to go for it.  Wish me luck!
 I got out a bunch of fabrics that looked good together and cut out 500 fan pieces using a template I got online.
 Then I chain sewed the pieces alone the wider end.  That took I pressed the seams to set then and pressed the folded edge to mark the center line.  That line came in real handy later.
 Next I turned them right side out.......
 with the cool tool that came with the Dresden Plate template.
I pressed it flat being careful to match the seam to the center line I mentioned earlier.
 I picked out 20 wedges for each plate, got them in a pleasing arrangement and started sewing them together.
 Being sure to start from the outer edge, I sewed towards the center.  That way if the pieces were a little off it won't matter since I will be covering the area with a circle.
 I pressed the seams open to reduce bulk.
Here is my first plate done.  I still have 24 more to go.  Then I have to make the centers, attach the plates to the background fabric and make the sashing.  I will be sending this one to a quilter due to it's size.  I just don't think I can squeeze the queen size quilt into my machine. Now back to the room.  I have started taking out some of the old decorations and am on the hunt for a few new things.  I really want a vintage 50's dress to go on my dress form......and maybe some new art for the walls.......hmmm.   Diana

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