Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Gift Card Holders

Bad bad day.  First I find out my debit card is on it's own spending spree.  Apparently it is shopping in Germany and Portugal having a grand ol' time.  Since we had to cancel my card that means NO ONLINE SHOPPING  for me!  Then it is a level 2 snow emergency so once again it is icy and cold.  And I am still in my PJ's at 11:00 am.  Wait, I think I kind of like that part......  Any way, I had to do something fun so the Silhouette was calling my name.
 Our church is having an auction to raise money for Girl's Camp so hubby and I are rounding up items to donate.  We will be giving one of my quilts and a couple of gift cards.  I needed to make cute holders for the cards and this is what I did.

I hope they make a ton of money for the girls!

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