Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Pot of Gold.......

As a child I was just a wee bit superstitious.  Always looking for 4 leaf clovers and wishing on stars......that's why this project really appealed to me.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
I made it with my silhouette and stuffed them full of chocolate coins.  But not the icky ones from the drugstore.  No these came from Sees Candies.  Delicious!


  1. These look tasty and cute, a winning combination.
    Crafty Chic

  2. Really cute idea. I found your post on the Sugar Bee Crafts linky party.

  3. These look really cute! I found your link through the Sugar Bee Crafts linky party. I think they would be cute as a favor for a St. Patrick's Day party.

  4. Love these! Maybe I should finally crack open my silhouette!