Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flood At The Cabin

Whoa!  Jenn, Abby and Abby's friend Kelsey went out to the cabin last night.  This is the first time any of us had ever been out there during heavy rain.  This is what they saw.  
A few minutes later and they would have been stuck on the other side of the creek.  The water quickly rose and covered the bridge, moving one end of it about 15 feet down the bank.
Before the flash flood.....  
 The creek overflowed it's banks and got dangerously close to the cabin.
Jenn said they were ready to leave if it reached the wood pile.  That's the wood pile in the field!  They were standing on the porch to take this picture.  Just as fast as the water rose it drained down stream bringing the creek back to it's normal/high level.  
Phew!  Looking at these pics is still giving me anxiety.......

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  1. I can only imagine! We had an enormous rain this morning. I thought it would not quit!