Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ideas, Please.

The last few months of school, as I walked by our maintenance dept., I kept seeing a library card catalog sitting in the middle of the concrete floor.  Day after day I would peek through the 5" x 24" window to make sure it was still there.
Finally, I decided to ask our custodian if I could have it.  He said he was on using it for his drink holder, and he was thinking about using it to store nuts and bolts in.  NUTS AND BOLTS! Luckily, he is a wonderful man who saw my vision and offered to deliver it to my house the next day.  You can't beat free furniture and free delivery.

So now I have this marvelous storage unit.  It is 4 modular units stacked together, so I can arrange them however I choose.  There are even two pull out trays.  All I need to do is turn it into my dream sewing cupboard.  The 25 drawers are the perfect size for scissors, threads, and anything else I can think of. 
This is what I'm thinking, but I would love your ideas.  For now it sadly sits in the corner waiting for some love.
Picture from Pinterest


  1. Oh, definitely paint it white! Dad says to leave it alone but don't listen to him.......

  2. What a find! So what was the final decision? Would love to see it!