Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sees Copycat Bordeaux Chocolates

Have you ever tried Sees Chocolates?  For those of you on the west coast that probably sounds like a dumb question but since moving to the Ohio Valley I have been shocked at how few people have even heard of Sees!  Thank goodness we now have one in Columbus so I can enjoy them anytime I want.....well almost anytime I want since it is a one hour drive to the mall.  But for those times I can't wait I've found a wonderful recipe from Love & Turquoise that produces a "close enough" chocolate.
I did tweak the recipe a little.  First I used Guittard chocolate because that is the brand Sees uses.  I also tempered my chocolate.  I have a tempering machine but you can do it the manual way if you like.  I also added a little more powdered sugar than her recipe called for because my centers were not thick enough.  Lastly I used real chocolate sprinkles-definitely not the kind you get at the grocery store!  I get mine from a online dutch company.   You can also get them from Amazon.  Once you taste these sprinkles you will never eat the American version again, I promise.  Oh, and I left out the coffee.  Mormon.
 So how did they taste?  At first I was a little disappointed (like right after they had set up).  The centers were just not quite creamy enough.  But this morning (don't judge me, it was in the name of quality control!) I ate one and it was sooooooo good.  Okay, so I had to eat another one to make sure I had a large enough control group.  
 Creamy and delicious!  Best Chocolate ever.  If fact it was so good I pack up most of them to give as gifts and sent them with my husband to deliver!   
We are having quests for dinner tonight so I held a few back to set at each place setting.  And there might be a few more tucked away in my secret place for myself.  Don't tell anyone okay?

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