Thursday, December 1, 2016

Flip House Kitchen

The kitchen in the flip house is almost done!  Just a little molding and touch up painting and it is complete.
This view is from the breakfast room through the galley kitchen and into the foyer.  We put down a floating floor system in a rich medium wood finish.  It was a bear to do because of all the cuts but now it looks so good.
 Just in case you forgot what we started with......dark cabinets, carpet on the floor, filthy appliances, stucco walls and cheap counters and back-splashes.  
The ceilings had grease spots and the ugly florescent lighting cast a sickening glow on an already depressing room. 
But now here is the sink area and the new stainless dishwasher.  All the appliances are brand new and really pretty.  We also replaced the side door at the right of the photo.  New sink, faucet, hardware......pretty much everything  was replaced except the cabinets.....those we just painted white.
The stove, microwave and fridge all match the dishwasher.  We tiled the back-splash with simple white square tiles.
We carried the wood floors all the way through to the dining room in the back of the house off the breakfast room.
 The dining room just needs some molding and a little touch up paint.  I hung the curtains yesterday.  For a treat we are eating our lunch in here everyday......It's a nice break from the work that still needs to be done.
 Here is the living room with a few of the staging items already in place.  Still more staging to do but until the last of the jobs are done, there is no hurry.  We still have to finish molding, paint some outdoor trim. put transition floor molding and thresholds in.  We also have some outdoor lighting to address, the basement needs painting, and the half bath down there needs some work.  Then some general clean up. After that we will call the realtor and get this cutie on the market.  

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