Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Non Traditional Christmas Tree

Pinterest is sooo bad.  It shows you pretty things that you become obsessed with and must have!  Such is the case of this years Christmas "tree"
 Saw it on pinterest and showed it to husband.  Husband says he could make it and off to Lowes we go.  Husband spends several evenings in the barn in freezing weather to make and paint it.
 Set it up in living room.  Figure out the wiring.  Then the fun begins.  More trips to the barn to get Dept 56 houses and several hours later............
 I have been collecting these houses for years but displaying them has always been an issue.  They take up so much room.  The collection outgrew the 4 x 8 table I had been using a few years ago.  So the last few Christmas' they didn't get put out.  Made me sad.  But now I have this great 5 tiered tree to put them on with room for more!
 Used a package of batting and one of stuffing too.

 Santa is saved for the top.  Here he is with his reindeer taking off from the north pole.
I guess I would call this a pin win!
Thanks to husband.

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