Friday, January 29, 2010

Vintage Tea Towels

It is so cold here today! 10 degrees!! Needless to say I am not going anywhere outside. So it is craft day today. I had seen something similar to these on Graftics Fairy a while back and have been wanting to try my hand at transfer paper. The image is from GF and is so vintage. I used all cotton tea towels that I washed and dried first. SOOOOO IMPORTANT!!!! Then came the tedious task of ironing the tea towels. Boring...... The image is printed by computer on iron on transfer paper (available at wallmart). Then you cut the images out very close to the edges of the image. Following instructions, you iron the image, face side down, for about 45 seconds. Let cool and remove the paper. And here is the finished image up close.
If you hold the iron on too long, the paper turned yellow, but that even looks kind of cool.

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  1. These are so pretty and seem so easy.
    Karen @ Vintage Images has such wonderful images. Ck out my clipboard: