Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Version of Jenn's Wreath

Inspired by Jenn's adorable paper egg wreath, I decided to try and make one myself. First, let me say that this is a very messy project. Mod podge and moss got every where. And the paper is difficult to form smoothly to the plastic eggs. But I am happy with the finished wreath even if it isn't as cool an Jenn's. I didn't have the patience or skill to make nearly as many eggs as Jenn so I went for this look instead. I covered a form in sheet and loss moss, attached the eggs (24 of them) and then wrapped hemp cord around the whole thing.
Here is a close up of the eggs. I used pages from a murder mystery so I hope there is nothing sinister on any of the eggs!
This is how I decided to display my new wreath in the dining room. Now I need to take down all the winter decor and trade over to spring! But the forecast of snow tomorrow has me a little bummed! I had hoped we were through with all that! Diana

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  1. Cute, I completely understand why you didn't commit to making all of them! funny that you used a murder mystery. I used a book that I had gotten for my lit. class from the library that fell in the tub. "The Graveyard Book," a lovely story about a boy that lives among the dead.